We are looking for volunteers to serve:
1. Steering Committees

                United States of America

       Rev. Garvey (Atlee) Ince - President
       Dorian Callender
       Kaye Callender
       Tracia Callender, Esq. - Secretary/USA
       Victor Chapman
       Judith Cox
       Keith Gollop - Assistant Treasurer
       Karen Moseley
       Pamela Clarke Persaud
       Richard Robinson
       Rev. Dr. Laurel Scott
       Ora Smith
       Harriet Walcott

       Hon. Robert (Bobby) Morris - 1st Vice President
       Vickie Barrow
       Astrid (Marquita) Bovell
       Kenny Bovell
       Falana Burton
       Richard Carter
       Lionel Eastmond
       Marcelle Forde
       Erskine (Tim) Griffith - Treasurer
       Anthony (Tony) Layne - 2nd Vice President
       Chester Layne
       Petrona Linton
       Jennifer Robinson - Secretary/Barbados


If you are interested in serving on one of these committees, please fill out the contact us page. 
Thank You.